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What Is The Best Floor, Walls & Waterline Robotic Cleaner For Liner Pools?

Choosing a swimming pool robotic cleaner can be very difficult, without advice from someone who has seen a lot of them working. At H2ofun we test all of our pool cleaners before we put them on the website. If we do not rate them we do not sell them.

If you have a liner pool up to 15m long, from our experience, the robotic cleaner we would suggest is the Dolphin Zenit 20 IOT.

Manufactured by Maytronics, the World leader in robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin Zenit 20 IOT has an abundance of features along with the Maytronics App, to give you full control wherever you are. The low energy use is the icing on the cake, making it the best robotic pool cleaner under £1500.

Click the link below to view the

Dolphin Zenit 20 IOT Robotic Pool Cleaner

on our website and read more about why it is the best choice for a liner swimming pool robotic cleaner.

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