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Solar Covers

Get ready for Summer with our top quality, UK manufactured solar covers. Heat your pool for free with our heavily discounted, long-lasting covers. Order now or Call Us on 01322 554 870

Find The Perfect Solar Cover For You.

The simplest way to keep your pool clean and warm, all at the same time, is with one of our UK made solar pool covers. All of the 400 micron, 500 micron and 600 micron covers that we sell are made in the UK, using the highest quality polyethelene, which guarantees both long life and the best heat gain and heat retention in your swimming pool. our covers are perfect for both above ground and inground pools.

Protect Your Pool with Our UK Manufactured Solar Pool Covers

To find out which solar cover is best for your pool just Call Us Now on 01322 554 870 and we can talk you through our solar covers, explaining everything from material to size, helping you find the perfect solar cover for your needs

We can tailor your solar cover to your pool's exact specifications and with our custom made bespoke solar covers, you not only get the right cover and a perfect fit, but you also the best price in the UK, knowing you have not spent a penny more than you needed to.

Keep in mind, as one of our customer's noted in a 5 star review, don't buy a cheap, thin, imported solar cover. They are not made for UK reduced UV gain and they will not have the same effect. Review below.

CHRIS W "Thank You for your professional advice Steve, this cover is fantastic!! although I found cheaper alternatives on the internet you definitely get what you pay for and I am very pleased I went with the extra cost after contacting you. Very efficient heating when sun out and keeps temperature up over night much better than other covers I have used in the past. Thank You Again!

Swimming Pool Solar Covers are essential for retaining heat and adding heat to your swimming pool. Solar Covers reduce water evaporation and chemical.

Wide range of solar covers available, such as Midas 500 or Geobubble Sol Guard 500 that generated and retained more heat. We list standard size covers but make solar covers to fit any size with shaping, hemming and factory fitted leading edge options available



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