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Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pump For Intex Above Ground Pools - 6kw & 8kw

Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pump For Intex Above Ground Pools - 6kw & 8kw

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  • Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pump For Intex Above Ground Pools
  • Our Best Performing Plug & Play Heat Pump
  • FAST DELIVERY By Palletforce. 
  • Super Energy Saving - Pay For £1 & Get Between £4.50 & £6.50 Out
  • Half The Running Cost Of A 3kw Bestway Heater
  • Works When Air Is 10°C and higher
  • Installation Accessories Included To Connect To Intex & Bestway 1.25" Hose
  • Perfect Heat Pump 2023 Summer Season
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pumps are designed especially for above ground pools. They come with a 3-Pin UK plug and offer a COP between 4.5 to 6.5, meaning for every £1 you spend on electricity you get an output between £4.50 and £6.50 of heating into your pool. As they are designed for Above Ground Pools they will heat when the air temperature is 10°C and will even heat water up to 40°C.

The Poolstyle Mini 8 Plug & Play Heat Pump offers over twice the heat output of a 3kw Bestway Electric Heater, but costs less than 50% in running costs. 

The Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pump will allow you to heat you pool for an extended Summer season, normally between May to September, but of course this is dependant on the ambient air temperature.

To get the the highest heating output from your Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pump we recommend using the best possible solar cover you can afford and leaving it on whenever someone is not in the pool. Having the solar cover in place during the day can increase pool water temperature, in conjunction with the Poolstyle Mini Heat Pump by up to 8°C, and at night just having the solar cover on the pool can reduce heat loss by up to 3°C per night.

The Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pumps come in two heating outputs, a 6kw and a 8kw, whose figures are based on an ambient air temperature of 30°C. These heat pumps will achieve 5.8kw and 7.2kw, respectively, based on an air temperature of 26°C, but as with all heat pumps the output decreases as the air temperature drops, so we would recommend always buying a heat pump that will heat your pool at 15°C, or slightly higher, as this will allow you to keep your pool up to temperature, even in inclement weather, meaning your pool will be swim ready when the weather changes.

To help you choose the correct Poolstyle Mini Plug & Play Heat Pump for your above ground pool we have provided a chart below showing the outputs at both 26°C Air temperature as well as 15°C will heat pools up to 35m3 in the main Summer months

A flow rate of between 2,000 litres per hour (2m3) and 4,000 litres per hour (4m3) is ideal for the Poolstyle Mini Heat Pump.

If you would like help sizing the heat pump to your pool please call is on 01322 554 870

 Poolstyle Heat Pump Size
Max. Suggested Pool Size
Mini 6
15ft x 48" Metal Frame Pool
Mini 8
18ft x 48" Metal Frame Pool


Power Output At Air 30°C

Power Output At Air 27°C

Max Pool Size

Power Output At Air 15°C

PoolStyle Mini 6



25 m3


PoolStyle Mini 8



35 m3


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