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Commercial Range of Heat Pumps

We are now able to offer a new range of commercial heat pumps for the large leisure swimming pools. There are 5 options in this commercial range with the largest heat pump able to heat 1100 cubis meters of pool water. This is based on producing 200kw at 26 degrees and 160kw at 15 degrees air temp. For further information on these commercial swimming pool heating systems please call us on 01322554870 or email realoffice@btconnect.com

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Types of Solar Power Water Heating Systems for Swimming Pools

Solar heaters for swimming pools prove to be a great investment for pool owners as they use the power of the sun to generate free heat for your swimming pool. There are many different types of options available, all of which suit different needs and budgets.   Solar pod/dome Solar pods and domes are the most affordable type of solar heating systems on the market. Using the suction force from your swimming pool pump, water is pushed into the solar pod, which is then pushed through its internal, coiled black piping which is encased in a perspex dome. Both the black...

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Different Types of Domestic Swimming Pools

Are you thinking about investing in a swimming pool for your home? If so, it is important to understand the different types of domestic pools that are available as well as which is right for you. Domestic swimming pools usually fit into two categories; pools that are permanently built-in, or pools that can be assembled above ground and disassembled after summer. Built in (permanent pools) Build in pools are pools that are designed to remain a permanent feature in your home or garden. You can choose to sink your pool into the ground (in ground pool) or have it sit above...

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Swimming Pool Winterization

Swimming Pool Winterization  - why it is important & how to do it Winterizing your pool is important for many reasons, the first being that it helps prevent your pool components from being damaged or compromised by freezing water. When water freezes, it expands which can cause pipes to crack or warp. Winterization involves taking various steps to ensure you both protect your pool from the winter elements as well as making your life easy when you come to start your pool up again in the spring.   The first thing you must do is clean out any leaves and debris using a...

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The History of the Hot Tub Spa

Many people around the world use hot tub spas as a great source of relaxation and recreation. After a long day, there is nothing quite like soaking in a hot tub spa. But who invented the first ever hot tub? And was it similar to the hot tub spas we use today? For millennia, people have used hot baths and natural hot springs as places of socialisation, health, and worship. The first recorded use of a hot tub was in calderas. These hot tubs were heated by dropping red hot hot stones in the water. This trend proved to be relaxing and therapeutic which caught on. This...

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