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Heat pumps 'too noisy' for millions of British homes

A lead article in all the main press 13th November 2024 including The Daily Telegraph  states that a recent study shows that some Heat Pumps are 'too noisy' for millions of British homes. 

This is more directed at home heating rather than operating a swimming pool heater, with the government wanting to install up to 600,000 heat pumps in homes by 2028, but it does raise the question of noise on pool heat pumps.

This is a question we are asked more and more due to close proximity of a pool or plant room to a neighbours house or close to the owners house.

More than 42 decibels 1 meter from a neighbours house is deemed too high. Fortunately, we have a range of swimming pool heat pumps that operate within that noise level and in 2024 will be retailing a new heat pump that is an 'A' Energy rate low noise heater.

For more information on what size heater and options we can provide for your swimming pool heating please email realoffice@btconnect.com or call us on 01322554870

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