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Spa Tiger - Reduce Hot Tub Chlorine Consumption by 85%

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Introducing a new product from H2ofun and New to the UK 
Crystal Clear Water 365 days a year, saving 85% on chlorine or bromine - all biofilm and scale removed

For those Hot Tub / Spa owners that already know the benefits of reduced chemical consumption by using great products like Aquafinesse, Aqua Excellent and O-Care or Hot Tub Owners that are keen to use significantly less chlorine or bromine, whilst totally removing Bio-Film we can offer the Spa Tiger. Not only does this amazing system reduce chemical consumption to a minimal amount but all bio-film and scale is removed providing crystal clear water!

Unlike products like Aquafinesse that need to added to your Hot Tub on a regular basis, the Spa Tiger is a one off purchase, no electrical components and no further expensive outlay!

So how does this amazing product work?

Pool Tiger was designed to harness an all-natural process known as Hydrodynamic Cavitation. In our device this process relies solely on the flow of water as driven by the pool pump. 

Constructed of hardy thermoplastic, Pool Tiger has no moving parts. It does not require electricity nor does it contain any cartridges or other components that will ever require replacement. 

For further information or to place an order, please email realoffice@btconnect.com or call on 01322554870




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