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Why You Will Not Save Money Buying A Swimming Pool Inverter Heat Pump

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The big question when looking to buy a heat pump for your swimming pool is do you buy Inverter or On/Off.

If you ask 99% of the companies selling heat pumps I am sure you will be told to buy an Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump, as that is what the manufacturers have advised them. Also, the savings shown are quite often being compared to an electric heater, which is a bit "Smoke & Mirrors"

At H2ofun we have been selling Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for over 20 Years and in that time we have only sold the heat pumps that we have checked internally, to ensure they are built from high quality components.

In the last few years, whilst carrying out these tests, we have discovered that running an Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump does not save you anywhere near as much money as the examples suggest.

The only way to achieve the massive COP that an inverter heat pump claims you can, whilst still heating your pool to the temperature you desire, is to massively oversize the heat pump initially. This would obviously be a false economy, as the additional cost of an inverter heat pump makes it impossible to save enough in electricity costs to see a positive return on investment during the expected lifespan of your swimming pool heat pump. Spending even more, to buy the larger output Inverter swimming Pool Heat Pump, makes it even more ludicrous.

All of the money saving information you see posted across the internet regarding Swimming Pool Inverter Heat Pumps is related to Household heating, where Inverter Heat Pumps are designed to work most efficiently. Heating a Swimming Pool is very different to heating a house.

The heat loss on a swimming pool is dramatically greater than in an insulated house, so unless your swimming pool has been fully insulated when building it, using XPS boards and a foam heat retention cover, then the Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump cannot function in the way the advertising suggests and will never repay the additional money spent, compared to a good quality On/Off Swimming Pool Heat Pump.

The times we would suggest buying an Inverter Heat Pump is if they have an On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty extended to 4 Years, such as the Norsup Range, or if you require a quieter heat pump, because it is sited next to a bedroom.

Otherwise we would very likely suggest an On/Off Hydropro P Range Swimming Pool Heat Pump, which comes with a 2 Year On-Site Parts and Labour Warranty.

 An example of the lower purchase price on a Hydropro P12 Swimming Pool Heat Pump, compared to a 12kw Inverter model, will demonstrate the huge difference n cost that you will never be able to recoup



If you would like help choosing the best heat pump for your needs and budget lease call us on 01322 554 870

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