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What is the best swimming pool heat pump in the UK?

This is a keen search term, as everyone wants the best heater available. When choosing a heat pump for your swimming pool, the devil is in the detail. Heat pumps have advanced fast over the past few years, full inverter heat pumps are now more mainstream than before, with built in wifi, soft start, ultra quiet and most significantly a return of upto 15 time the cost of one unit of electric but that does not necessarily mean that the best inverter on the market is correct heat pump for your swimming pool.

Not all pool owners will need an inverter heat pump like our Norsup Heat Pump or Garden Pac Heat Pumps. Smaller Pools and above ground swimming that are only put up in the summer benefit just as much as larger pools by using a heat pump, the requirements are just different, as are the costs.

We spend a significant amount of time talking to customers, understanding their requirements and suggesting options. There is not one swimming pool heat pump that is exactly right for one size pool, there are so many variables that need to be taken into account. power availability, location, summer, extended summer, spring and autumn or all year round use and cost are just some of the factors needed to work out what swimming pool heat pump will provide a customer with what they need.

We offer a range of heat pumps for smaller pools like our Poolstyle Mini, perfect for above ground pools, Hydropro heat pumps come in plug & play and larger standard and inverter styles for the larger pools. Poolstyle Stepped inverter heat pumps are a mid range heat pump for medium sized above and inground pools and our premium Garden Pac and Norsup heat pumps are the best ones available, with the Norsup range offering an unbeatable 4 years parts and labour warranty.

End of Season Sale on Hydropro Heat Pumps with P12 just £1,125 and P20 now only £1,725 inc vat delivery UK mainland 

If you are interested in a heat pump for your swimming pool, call us for a chat on 01322554870 or email realoffice@btconnect.com for more information. Savings made by switching to a swimming pool heat pump are significant and often result in customers using their swimming pool for longer in the season as the costs are in most cases a fraction of the cost using electric, gas or oil


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