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Want To Know The Best Hot Tub & Pool Chemicals In The UK for 2023?

As with most things, cheapest is not always best, and with swimming pool and hot tub chemicals this is most certainly true.

One of the most popular brands for pool chemicals in the UK is Clearwater. These chemicals are imported from China under the Bestway umbrella. Although they are an acceptable choice, they are a long way from being the best and quite often do not work out good value.

Superior quality chemicals provide higher concentration of chemical quantity as well as less "carrier", which is the bulking agent that chemical manufacturer's use to "contain" the active chemical. This means you use less of a quality product, compared to a cheaper brand, making it more cost effective. The added bonus of this is that the excess "carrier" will normally end up attaching itself to your pool or hot tub walls and floor, creating a rough feel.

In 2023 the best hot tub & swimming pool chemicals available in the UK are the brand HTH. This brand was rebranded across Europe in 2022, previously known as Fi-Clor. Fi-Clor had been sold for many years as a high quality hot tub and swimming pool chemical and HTH has kept the same high quality ingredients and formulas.

With 20 years experience in the pool & hot tub industry, we know that using the highest quality chemicals in your hot tub or swimming pool will help you keep your water balanced and crystal clear.

View the full range of HTH pool & hot tub spa chemicals here.

If you do not already use HTH chemicals, we strongly advise changing over now. You will see the difference, very quickly.

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