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What heating should you be using for your swimming pool in 2023?

With the rising cost of electricity and gas every pool owner should be looking at reducing their heating bills, by choosing the optimum method of heating their swimming pool.

In the vast majority of cases a mixture of solar and heat pump will be the optimum method.

The solar option has an initial outlay, but from then on the cost is purely the electricity used when the filtration/booster pump is running. Call us on 01322 554 870 to discuss what Solar installation will best suit your requirements.

Heat Pumps are normally the best "On Demand" form of heating for a swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor.

There are a huge number of heat pumps in the UK swimming pool market and choosing the correct model can be extremely confusing, but we have done the due diligence for you and can advise and recommend the most suitable heat pump for your pool and your budget. Just call us on 0322 554 870 for the best advice.

On the very rare occasion a Gas boiler will be the option that suits your pool set up, but we can advise if this is the case when you call us on 01322 554 870.

If you have a swimming pool and will be heating it in 2023, we recommend calling us on 01322 554 870 to ensure that you have the most cost efficient system.

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