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Book in your pool opening. Spring will be here soon

Its a welcome relief when days start to become longer and a new year begins. The mild winter is welcomed but this can affect your pool water, especially if your pool was closed down early.

It is important to check the condition of the pool water as the cold weather is meant to help suppress algae from forming. Using the correct water treatment chemicals, whether they be our HTH winterlong or HTH shock treatment or range of Relax chemicals will ensure the water is kept clean but this only lasts so long and the mild weather can create issues with your pool water if left untreated.

Topping up your pool water with further HTH or Relax water treatment chemicals and checking the pH balance can make a big difference in how your pool water will look when it comes to spring opening.

If we continue to have mild weather it maybe a good idea to open your pool earlier than normal. Booking a pool opening early in the year is also advised as pool opening bookings become congested early spring.

Although we do not offer a pool opening service we do recommend companies that offer this service in the Kent south east London area.

If you have any questions regarding the condition of your pool water, suggestions on the right types of water treatment products or would like information on companies that offer pool opening services please email or call us on 01322554870 or realoffice@btconnect.com


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