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Proflex On-Site Swimming Pool Lining Service - New Designs For 2023

all year swimming finish in ground indoor swimming pool inground liner lining on-site pool strong swimming pool thick

Looking for the most amazing finish to you swimming pool? We have some beautiful new designs available for 2023 with our Proflex On-Site Lining Service. 

On-site liners are very heavy-duty liners, that are welded together at your property. This system offers the most durable of finishes unlike traditional bag style liners that are much thinner and degrade and fade over time. The Proflex Liners offer the latest styles that traditional liners and concrete or mosaic pools just cannot offer.

Fast installation is also a significant factor for pool owners who want top quality finish without waiting months that some swimming pool projects can take, ie mosaic pools.

If you are interested in a quote for an on site pool liner please email us on info@h2ofun.co.uk or call on 01322554870. All areas of UK covered. 

Proflex liners will cover all styles of inground swimming pools, so if you have bespoke step system, unusual design pool shape or any other issues that traditional liners cannot cope with we have a solution for you with the Proflex liners.

You will be amazed at the choices now available to create a stunning pool finish on your existing pool or a new pool you are currently planning.




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