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Different Types of Domestic Swimming Pools

Are you thinking about investing in a swimming pool for your home? If so, it is important to understand the different types of domestic pools that are available as well as which is right for you.

Domestic swimming pools usually fit into two categories; pools that are permanently built-in, or pools that can be assembled above ground and disassembled after summer.

pools for your home

Built in (permanent pools)

Build in pools are pools that are designed to remain a permanent feature in your home or garden. You can choose to sink your pool into the ground (in ground pool) or have it sit above the ground (above ground pool). As well as this, you can choose to have a custom built, bespoke pool created for you by a swimming pool architect, or you can choose to have a package pool or a one piece pool (which can be installed by yourself or a swimming pool expert).

The difference between these permanent pools start with the cost. Bespoke pools will cost a lot more money than a package pool, such as our range of Doughboy pools or wooden pools.

The next difference is how difficult each is to construct. Bespoke pools will take months to design and construct, whereas package pools and one piece pools can range from days to mere weeks.

As well as this, the methods in which you chemically treat the water in above ground pools and in ground pools are different. An in ground pool will have a skimmer basket which you can use to dose your pool with chlorine or bromine (tablets). Tablets are slow releasing, therefore there is often less hassle involved when dosing an in ground pool. Treating an above ground pool is slightly different as there is no skimmer basket involved. You can treat an above ground pool using granular chlorine/bromine or tablets in a floating dispenser.


Pools that can be assembled & Disassembled

The second type of domestic swimming pool are pools that can be assembled and disassembled. These pools are usually portable and affordable, suiting most budgets as well as most garden types.

The benefits of buying a pool such as an Intex pool is of course the price as well as the fact you can remove the pool from your garden come winter. This particularly suits those who want to utilise their garden for swimming during the summer months and then store away out of sight when the pool is not in use.

Similar to above ground pools, these pools can be treated using granular chlorine/bromine or tablets in a floating dispenser.

The disadvantages of a pool such as these are that they are not large, durable and as attractive as permanent pools. These pools are a bit of fun, rather than a serious home investment.

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