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How do swimming pool solar heating systems work?


How do swimming pool solar heating systems work?


There are many different types of solar heating systems that work in similar yet different ways.

First you have you solar panels, which can be fixed to a roof. The amount of solar panels will depend on the pool size and location. If solar is the primary heating system it is important to have approx. 50% more than the manufactures recommend as UK temperatures require more than continental Europe or USA.

There are also solar domes and pods like these ones. They work in the same way as panels but rather than laying flat the coils are wrapped in a dome shape and encased in a Perspex dome cover to add more heat. You can run domes in a variety of ways, but it is important to check with a pool supplier as the set-up will depend on location, pool volume and power of the pump. Multiple domes will require a suitable strong enough pump that can push the water through the solar system.

As well as solar heating systems you can also use swimming pool solar covers or solar sun rings which provide a cheaper alternative. They work by adding a small amount of heat to you pool. Without a good solar cover it is pointless to try to maintain heat in your pool using solar. Solar covers are essential if you want to retain any heat in your pool and should be used in conjunction with any heating system whether it be solar, electric, gas, oil or a heat pump.

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