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Solar Sun Rings


  • Safer option than a solar cover
  • Over 1 million Solar Sun Rings Sold Worldwide
  • Easy to take abroad – flat packed
  • Simple to put on and remove from pool
  • Excellent heat gain from Sun
  • Heavy duty PVC – lasts for years

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 How Do Solar Sun Rings Work?
The Top Blue Layer absorbs 50% of the sunlight and converts that into heat, the other 50% is allowed to pass through for deep water heating.

Each Solar Sun Ring can produce over 21,000 BTU per day giving an output of 1070 BTU per sq ft. A top of the range Swimming Pool Solar Heater will only produce 1000 BTU per square foot of collector and you still need a solar cover is still to conserve the heat at night.

How Do I Remove The Solar Sun Rings From My Swimming Pool?
Each Solar Sun Ring has six magnets around its circumference that connect to other Solar Sun Rings to automatically form a raft. These magnets create a strong enough bond to allow easy removal of the Solar Sun Rings in one complete raft by one person.

How Many Solar Sun Rings Will I Need?
Each Solar Sun Ring measures 5ft across when inflated and coverage of 70-80% of the swimming pool surface is the maximum recommended in the UK. If you are using them on your swimming pool at your holiday home in sunnier climes then reduce the number down to around 60% . The Solar Sun Rings have been designed to allow maximum heat production while still allowing your swimming pool to breathe.

A free-form swimming pool approximately 20 x 12 will need only 7 Solar Sun Rings at a cost ofless than £210. If the same heat was to be produced by swimming pool solar heating panels you would need to spend approximately £800 on the Solar Heating, another £130 on a quality solar cover and up to £300 on a reel system for the solar cover. As you can see the savings using Solar Sun Rings are immense.

Why Are Solar Sun Rings Safer Than A Solar Cover?
One of the biggest fears for any pool owner is the worry of a child or a pet drowning. No other floating solar cover matches Solar Sun Rings design for safety. Countless pets and many people have died because of entrapment with the one-piece solar covers. The primary design criteria of Solar Sun Rings was to prevent entrapment. With the Solar Sun Rings they are held together in a raft by six magnets that will hold the solar sun rings as a single raft on the pool but the Solar Sun Rings will pull apart if any thing falls in allowing easy access to the side of the pool and safety.

Can I Use My Automatic Pool Cleaner While The Solar Sun Rings Are On The Swimming Pool?
Solar Sun Rings are designed to be compatible with automatic pool cleaners. In the event the suction hose catches on a ring, the ring will separate from the raft to allow the pool cleaner to continue.

Are Solar Sun Rings Compatible With My Pool?
Solar Sun Rings may be used on all chlorine or salt water system pools, whether in ground or above ground.If loads of FREE HEAT for your swimming pool is what you require then Solar Sun Rings are for you.

How Do I Clean My Solar Sun Rings?
After removal from the swimming pool Solar Sun Rings can be easily cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent solution.

Solar Sun Rings Help Your Pool Stay Clean
Your pool requires some direct sunlight and open water to stay healthy. The open water around the raft of Solar Sun Rings and the triangle caused by the convergence of three Solar Sun Rings is by design. These open areas allow your pool to receive some direct sunlight. The sunlight will greatly reduce the incidence of both mustard algae and increased alkalinity.


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