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Why does my pool turn green after a thunderstorm?

green pool green water thunder


Are you wondering why your swimming pool has turned green after thunder and lightning?

Here's why...


Lightning doesn't just light up the sky, it releases large amounts of nitrogen into the earths atmosphere. Then, any rainfall that follows washes the nitrogen down into your pool water.

Nitrogen is essentially plant food and algae thrive off it. Excess nitrogen can encourage any micro bacteria such as algae to multiply and bloom overnight, growing at more substantial rates than usual.


How can I fix it?

You should use a chlorine shock treatment straight away. Shock is a strong, powerful dose of chlorine which will help break down and kill any algae growing in your pool. It is worth noting that you should not use your swimming pool for 24 hours after you have shocked it.

As well as this, it may be worth investing in Algaecide. Algaecide helps starve your pool water of oxygen, making it impossible for algae to survive. This should be used as a preventative method, rather than a solution to fix an algae infested pool.

Keeping dirt and bacteria to a minimum (by regularly cleaning your pool using chemicals, vacuuming and by using a filtration system) will help minimise the amount of algae populated after a thunderstorm too. This is because if there is less algae in your pool to begin with, there will be less growth once nitrogen has been introduced to your pool.


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