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Swimming Pool Heat Pump Sale

If you are looking for a heat pump for next season, now could be the best time to buy. We are offering end of season discounts on most of the heat pumps we advertise for the remainder of 2018. With price increases expected in 2019 this will provide further savings.

If you are planning a new pool build, have an existing pool that you are looking to heat or already use a heat pump and maybe want to upgrade we can offer some excellent deals.

Our heat pump range starts at the smaller above ground pool market and can be used on pools such as Intex and Bestway up to the more solid doughboy pools. Our main range is suitable for the in-ground pool customer that has a significant quantity of water that requires heating for an extended summer period. Some options such as the Garden Pac offer Inverter technology which can provide massive COP ratings of up to 15 times heat v's a unit of energy. These units also have an amazingly low start up, 13amp - 20amp on the medium range units, so installation can be less expensive.

We also are able to sell heat pumps for much larger pools and commercial pools that may require yearlong operation.

If you would like a great deal on a heat pump for next year call 01322554870 or email - realoffice@btconnect.com now for special prices.






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