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Cloudy Pool? - The Best Hack For Crystal Clear Water In A Hurry

If you have a cloudy pool, due to fine particles suspended in your pool water, which the sand or glass in your filter is not fully removing, then we have found, over many years of experience, the best trick is to use Fi Clor Rapid Clarifier.

fi clor rapid clarifier cloudy pool water to crystal clear h2ofun

Used while the filter is running, fast acting Fi Clor Rapid Clarifier will turn your cloudy pool water crystal clear.

It can be used as prevention as well as a cure, so having a bottle handy will mean your pool water is always clear and sparkling. No more weekend parties lost to a Murky looking pool.

First, calculate the volume of water in your pool, then dose the Fi Clor Rapid Clarifier as recommended and if any debris accumulates on the pool floor, vacuum this directly to waste.

When using Rapid Clarifier check the sand filter pressure regularly and if the pressure becomes too high, then backwash and rinse until you obtain the normal working pressure.

If the water does not clear, this may mean that you are due a sand change.

Rapid Clarifier is designed for use with sand or glass filters so, under no circumstances should you use Rapid Clarifier with cartridge filtration systems, such as comes with Intex & Bestway pools.

Buy your Clean Water Hack from h2ofun here, Fi Clor Rapid Clarifier

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