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Koi Pond Inverter Heat Pump - All Year Round Model - H2oFun.co.uk

Koi Pond Inverter Heat Pump - All Year Round Model

CODE: 35578

  • Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter "All Year Round" Heat Pump
  • Functions down to -15° C, ABS Cabinet
  • 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Automatically Adjusts Heating To Suit Weather Conditions
  • C.O.P. Up To 13 "All Seasons"-"12 Month Use"-"All Year Round"
  • Built in Soft Start Automatic Defrost - For Colder Weather
  • R32 Gas 

DELIVERY: Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps are delivered by a specialist haulier and take up to 3 days to arrive. 

RETURNS: Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps can be returned in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery. Returns should be sent via a "Signed For" carrier or post.

When we receive the item, our returns department confirm that everything is present and in its in original condition to ensure its eligibility for refund. We process refunds as quickly as possible. We process most refunds on the same day which they were received, but please allow up to a maximum of 14 days for the money to reach your account. It rarely takes this long, but can happen sometimes for reasons such as bank delays or errors.


Koi Pond Hydro-Pro Inverter Heat Pump- Air Source - All Year Round. Why are Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps The Best For Koi Ponds? These heat pumps are ideal for Koi ponds as they will work as low as -15°C. 

As technology has advanced keeping your Koi Pond at the optimum temperature has become easier and more cost effective. Now, the Hydro-Pro Inverter Koi Pond Heat Pumps will let it be possible to maintain a steady temperature 52 weeks of the Year, effectively and efficiently with the lowest running costs. 

What Size Heat Pump Should I Buy For My Koi Pond


 Heat Pump Model Maximum Pond Size
Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter 7 20,000 Litres
Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter 11 30,000 Litres
Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter 14 40,000 Litres
Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter 17 60,000 Litres



These calculations are MAXIMUM pond size and are based on a desired temperature of 12°C during winter and 22°C during the Winter. It also assumes a  Koi Pond Cover being used over the pond to assist in heat retention.

Koi Pond Heat Pump - Hydropro Inverter Heat Pump - Koi Pond Heater - H2ofun.co.uk

We would always suggest using the model in the next size up for your pond, to ensure successful results. If possible the addition of waterproof insulation will reduce running costs too.

The Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps are fitted with an automatic defrost and the ability to work down to -15 C, allowing 12 month heating of your indoor pool. With three settings, 'Power', 'Smart' & 'Silent' allowing you to adjust the output to suit weather conditions, saving you up to 30% in running costs, you will find the Koi Pond Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps will suit your needs perfectly.

How Much Will It Cost To Heat My Koi Pond?

Koi Pond Heat Pumps show their efficiency using the term "Co-efficient Of Performance". This means the output unit in comparison to the input unit. For example if your heat pump required 1kw of energy to run, but had an output of 5kw of heat the the C.O.P. would be 5. As the Hydropro Koi Pond Heat Pumps are offering an admirable C.O.P. of up to 13 during the Summer months ad up to 6 in the Winter this lifts them into the very best of Koi pond heat pumps. So in short, for every £1 you pay your electric company you will be receiving between £6 and £13 worth of heat into your Koi Pond.

The Koi Pond Hydro-Pro Inverter All Year models also have a very attractive ABS Black Cabinet. Not only a much more attractive and expensive look than standard heat pumps, but cheaper to run too.

To size your Koi Pond Hydro-Pro Inverter heat pump correctly please call us on 01322 554 870 as there are a number of factors we need to be taken into account before we can correctly advise which model you will need. These will include pond size, hours used per day, preferred water temperature and whether the pool is insulated.

Sizing an all year round Koi Pond heat pump uses different parameters than a standard model, so calling us on 01322 554 870 before ordering is essential.


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