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hth stick capsules chlorine-free supercapsules for indoor pools h2ofun

HTH Stick 300g Capsules 4.5kg - Stabiliser-Free Chlorine For indoor Pools

CODE: 30745

  • HTH Stick Capsules - Stabiliser Free Chlorine Sanitiser For Indoor Pools
  • HTH Sticks are rebranded from Fi-Clor Supercapsules 
  • Slow-Dissolve - Individually Wrapped Chlorine Capsules
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Each capsule lasts up to 5 days
  • No Chlorine Lock -Stabiliser-Free Chlorine
  • Contains 65% available chlorine


DELIVERY: HTH Stick 300g Capsules are sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days.

RETURNS: HTH Stick 300g Capsules can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


HTH Stick 300g Capsules come in a 4.5kg container and are were previously known as Fi-Clor Supercapsules but have been rebranded as HTH Stick Tablets for 2022.

The HTH Stick Capsules are especially recommended for indoor pools that are open all year round, as the chlorine is stabiliser free, meaning that there will never be chlorine lock, as the Cyanuric Acid in stabilised chlorine used in outdoor pools is removed by UV Sunlight.

HTH Stick Capsules tablets are easy to handle and should be placed in the skimmer. As the HTH Stick capsule dissolves, chlorine is released from each end of the sleeve. The surface area of the HTH Stick capsule exposed to water remains constant so, unlike normal 200g chlorine tablets, you get an even amount of chlorine going into the pool from start to finish 

How To Use:
HTH Stick Capsules Dosing For Indoor Pools
Use One HTH Stick per 20,000 litres (20m3) of pool water every 4-5 days

We recommend that you Shock Chlorinate the pool water every 1 to 2 weeks with HTH Shock Powder

HTH Stick Stabiliser-Free Chlorine Indoor Pool Capsules MSDS - Click For PDF

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