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hth spa non-chlorine shock 1.2kg h2ofun

HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock 1.2kg

CODE: 34764

    • HTH SPA Non Chlorine Shock For Hot Tub Spas
    • Rebranded From Fi Clor Non Chlorine Shock in 2022
    • Kills Organic Pollutants Without Adding Extra Chlorine
    • Shock Treatment For Both Bromine & Chlorine
    • Very Fast Acting Oxidiser

    DELIVERY: We aim to send HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

    RETURNS: HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock can be returned in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


    HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock is suitable as a shock treatment for use with either Bromine or Chlorine sanitisers and will destroy Organic pollutants in your hot tub spa. HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock should be added once a week to restore used Bromine or Chlorine levels, which will help keep spa water free from bacteria and crystal clear.

    HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock should be used immediately the water looks slightly cloudy or if there is a "musty" smell when you open the hot tub lid.

    How To Shock A Cloudy Spa using HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock

    Sprinkle 20g for every 1,000 litres (220 UK Gallons), directly over the spa water whilst bathers are out of the spa and with the pumps are running. Bathing can be resumed after 15 minutes, or once the water is clear and sanitiser levels have returned to safe levels.


    If HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock is to be used as a weekly Bromine Activator then the dose should be 15g per 1,000 litres

    Do not add more than the suggested dose.

    Only use the hot tub again once Free Chlorine or Free Bromine levels have returned safe readings.

    HTH SPA Non-Chlorine Shock Information Sheet - Click For PDF

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