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HTH Metalstop 3 Litres - Stain & Scale Inhibitor For Swimming Pools

HTH Metalstop 3 Litres - Stain & Scale Inhibitor For Swimming Pools

CODE: 34761

    • HTH Metalstop Stain & Scale Inhibitor For Swimming Pools
    • Prevents Build Up Of Rough Scale In Hard Water Areas
    • Rebranded From Fi Clor From 2022
    • Prevents Staining From Metals In Pool Water
    • Phosphate Free Lowers The Risk Of Algae

    DELIVERY: We aim to send HTH Metalstop out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

    RETURNS: HTH Metalstop can be returned in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


    HTH Metalstop is rebranded Fi-Clor Stain & Scale Inhibitor and has been  specifically formulated to provide protection from the development of Scale build up in pool water as well as the reduction of staining from dissolved metals, all this and phosphate-free, reducing the risk of Algae blooms. HTH Metalstop offers far better protection than other Brands of swimming pool stain & scale inhibitors.

    Following the directions will allow you to return your pool water to crystal clear and keep it like that.

    How To Stop The Build Up Of Scale & Stains in Swimming Pools using HTH Metalstop

    Preventing Scale & Stain Build Up: Dose rate of HTH Metalstop: 2 Litres Per 50m3 (50,000 litres / 11,000 UK Gallons). Dose directly into the pool over the return / inlets. Filtration must be running and bathers must be out of the water. If the levels of Dissolved Metals exceeds 1.5ppm double the suggested dose.

    Repeat fortnightly

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