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Hydropro Type P Heat Pump - P6, P8, P12, P14, P20, P23, P23T, P26T - H2oFun.co.uk

Hot Tub Heat Pump - Swim Spa Heat Pump - All Year Heating

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  • Hot Tub Heat Pump + Swim Spa Heat Pump
  • Hydropro Type P/32 Heat Pumps For Hot Tubs & Spas
  • Can Be Plugged Into 13amp Socket
  • R32 Gas - Heat Pumps Come in Black ABS Casing
  • 2 Year On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Call Us For Expert Advice On Sizing & Suitability
  • We Price Match & Have Stock For Same Day Despatch


hydropro px/32 swimming pool heat pump price match beat promise guarantee h2ofunHydropro Type P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pump + Swim Spa Heat Pump are now in stock and the new models can be plugged into a 13amp socket. Delivery lead times are currently around 7 working days. Order yours now, to avoid disappointment, as we expect the first batch to sell out very quickly.

With electricity prices continuing to rise, you have obviously been thinking, "How can I reduce the electricity costs for heating my hot tub or swim spa?". Fit a Hydropro Hot Tub + Swim Spa Heat Pump, is the answer. It's relatively simple if your hot tub has two separate pumps, one for circulation and a second for the jets. If it has one pump, that is twin-speed, and works as both circulation pump and jet pump it is still possible, just slightly more involved. If you are unsure, then call us on 01322 554 870.

If you are wondering if fitting a heat pump to your Hot Tub or Swim Spa is going to be worth it, we have some numbers that show it is a “No Brainer”.

An average daily electricity consumption for a 6 Person Hot Tub is 7kWh, at early 2023 prices, taken at £0.35p/kWh, that is £2.45 per day. Compare this to the average used by a heat pump, which is 3.5kWh per day, then you can see that a heat pump would halve your heating electricity bill.

Imagine the savings you will make over the lifetime of your Hot Tub. Ignoring electricity price increases in the future, over a 10 Year period the savings would be over £4500.

The Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pump + Swim Spa Heat Pump are extremely efficient and economical and a very environmentally friendly way of heating your pool. The Hydropro P/32 Range of Heat Pumps have the latest R32 Gas and provide better heating capacity than similar hot tub beat pumps

The Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub + Swim Spa Heat Pump will comfortably heat your tub or spa from cold during warmer months and keep it at temperature all year round. We can help calculate which heat pump size is best suited to your requirements.

Drawing Of Potential Set Up For A Hot Tub Heat Pump Or A Swim Spa Heat Pump

Above is a suggestion of how you can install the Hydropro Hot Tub Heat Pump + Swim Spa Heat Pump into your existing pipework. Each installation will be different as your component bay may not look the same, and the connections may be after your original electric heater, but the result will be the same.

You may have seen photos of installations on other websites, where the heat pump is right next to the hot tub. THIS IS NOT A SAFE WAY TO INSTALL A HOT TUB OR SWIM SPA HEAT PUMP.

Whichever heat pump you go with, it must be a minimum of 2 metres from the Hot Tub or Swim Spa, to ensure that it cannot be touched by someone, whilst they are in the water. 

hydropro swimming pool hot tub spa dehumidifier air heater price match beat promise guarantee h2ofunIf you would like to ask us to price match a competitor, please click the Price Match image to send us the request.

Below is a rough guide for sizing your hot tub heat pump + swim spa heat pump, but if you need advice please call on 01322 554 870

Hydropro P6/32 Heat Pump - 2-8 Person Hot Tubs

Hydropro P8/32 Heat Pump - 6-8 Person Hot Tubs + Smaller Swim Spas

Hydropro P12/32 Heat Pump - Larger Swim Spas


The Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pump + Swim Spa Heat Pump has to be installed outside but will even work with outside temperatures as low as -5°C, although the efficiency will obviously be affected.

Hot Tub Heat Pumps work by collecting the energy from the air outside and transferring this to the pool water using the same technology that is used in air-conditioning units and fridges.

Heat pumps are less harmful to the environment than other forms of "On Demand" heating because 80% of the energy produced is collected from the ambient air around the Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pump and therefore very "Green". Also the gas used in the Hydropro Swim Spa Heat Pump, R32, has no harmful effect on the ozone layer.

Designed & Built For Long Life & Reliability

The Hydropro P/32 range of heat pumps come with black ABS casing for longer lifespan. Using high quality materials in the build of the Hydropro Heat Pump and Titanium heat exchanger means it is practically "Bullet-Proof" to erosion from Chlorine, Bromine or Salt in the water. Also, the Titanium heat exchanger is oversized to improve efficiency and make the Hydropro Heat Pump even more cost effective and great value for money.

Easy Installation

You must install a bypass to your heat pump, as this will allow you to easily drain it if you're not using it during the winter months, or if maintenance work is required. Don't worry, we have bypass kits available for purchase.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Cut the pipework that supplies your existing hot tub electric heater
  2. Add 90° elbows to the cut end of the pipework to point at the heat pump
  3. Core Drill Suitable size holes through hot tub cabinet
  4. Fit a bypass kit and connect to heat pump
  5. Connect the hot tub spa pipework to the bypass kit
  6. Plug In the Hydropro P heat pump to a 13amp socket
  7. Add a switch to the cable for the hot tub electric heater, to turn it on and off, or just disconnect the terminals supplying the power to the electric heater, so it does not turn on when the spa calls for heat.
  8. Set the temperature controls on the hot tub to your desired temperature.

And that's it! Now you can enjoy a warm and cozy hot tub all year long, at a fraction of the heating costs you previously had.

The Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub + Swim Spa Heat Pump is designed intelligently and exceptionally compact for ease of installation. One of the simple but handy design additions on the Hydropro Heat Pump is the integrated flow switch which will sense the water flow and automatically start the heater when the spa pump starts and stop it when the pump shuts off. Simple, but very handy. 

State Of The Art Control

The integrated microprocessor in the Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pump monitors all the sensors and controls the device without any intervention needed by the user. Electronic display and control with easy operation is standard on all Hydropro P/32 Swim Spa Heat Pumps.

Quiet Running

The Hydropro P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pumps use of a highly efficient, low sound compressor, a low noise fan and an oversized heat exchanger on every unit, makes the Hydropro Heat Pump extremely quiet in operation.

Ecologically Friendly Swimming Pool Heating

Hydropro P/32 Swim Spa heat pumps can save you up to 80% in operating costs compared to other forms of pool heating. Hydropro heat pumps can easily pay for themselves in just a few years with the operation costs savings. Hydropro P/32 Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are suitable for salt water, chlorinated and brominated swimming pools.

 Hydropro Hot Tub + Swim Spa Heat Pump P6 P8 P12
Power Input 0.97kw 1.32kw 1.7kw
Heating Capacity (A27/W27) 5.8kw 8.3kw 11.5kw
Heating Capacity (A15/W26) 4.1kw 5.7kw 7.8kw
Coefficient (C.O.P.)  at Air 27°C & Water 27°C 5.87 6.34 5.90
Coefficient (C.O.P.)  at Air 15°C & Water 25°C 4.25 4.33 4.59
Compressor rotary rotary rotary
Refrigerant Gas R32 R32 R32
Fans 1 1 1
Fan Power Input 90 Watts 90 Watts 90 Watts
Fan Dir. Horiz. Horiz. Horiz.
Noise Level (10 metres) 39 db(A) 40 db(A) 40 db(A)
Water Connection 50mm 50mm 50mm
Minimum Water Flow 2.3 m3/h 3.0 m3/h 4.5 m3/h
Unit Dimensions CM L-80    W-32  H-57.5 L-100    W-39  H-60 L-100 W-39 H-60



Q: How much will I save installing a H2ofun Heat Pump to my Hot Tub?
A: Using electricity costs from early 2023 you will save around £450-£500 per year. The lifespan of a hot tub is around 15 years, so that is an overall saving of over £7000

Q: Where should I install my H2ofun Hot Tub Heat Pump. I have seen other companies showing them right next to the Hot Tub?
A: Installing a Heat Pump right next to the Hot Tub is NOT SAFE. Correct installation of ANY hot tub heat pump, should be a minimum of 2m away from the water. If more than 2m away, insulate the external pipework, to reduce heat loss.

Q: How do I control the heat to my Swim Spa, using a H2ofun Heat Pump?
A: The heat output is controlled using the Heat Pump LCD panel. To start with set the desired water temperature on you Swim Spa control pad, so the Spa electronics knows when to turn the pumps on, then simply choose the same temperature on the H2ofun Swim Spa Heat Pump LCD control panel.

DELIVERY: Hydropro Type P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pumps & Swim Spa Heat Pumps re delivered by specialist hauliers and can take between /-10 days for delivery

RETURNS: Hydropro Type P/32 Hot Tub Heat Pumps & Swim Spa Heat Pumps can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery. Returns should be sent via a "Signed For" carrier or post.

When we receive the item, our returns department confirm that everything is present and in its in original condition to ensure its eligibility for refund. We process refunds as quickly as possible. We process most refunds on the same day which they were received, but please allow up to a maximum of 14 days for the money to reach your account. It rarely takes this long, but can happen sometimes for reasons such as bank delays or errors.

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