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H2oFun Solar Heater For Above Ground Swimming Pools

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  • H2oFun Solar Heater For Above Ground Swimming Pools
  • Complete With 3-Way Valve For Correct Water Flow Rate
  • 3-Way Valve Allows Isolation Of Heater When Sun Is Not Out
  • One Heater Per 4,000 Litres Of Water - Connect Up To Three Heaters
  • 32mm/38mm (1.25"/1.5") Flexible Hose Connections
  • 2 Year Warranty


H2oFun Above Ground Pool Solar Heaters will heat your pool for free, using just the Sun's latent energy. The only electrical cost you have is your existing filtration pump. 

Each H2ofun Pool Solar Heater can be connected to additional pods. We recommend one H2ofun Solar Heater for each 4,000 litres of water, so connect other solar heaters to achieve the level of solar heat gain required for your above ground pool. 

With its highly efficient and intelligent design the maximum flow rate has been set at 3,200-3,500 litres per hour (3.2m3-3.5m3 per hour). As each heater comes with a 3-Way valve you can divert any additional flow if you pump is too strong and achieve optimum heat gain on your above ground pool.

F.A.Q: All The Answers You Need To Make An Informed Decision

Q: Why Should I Buy The H2oFun Solar Heater For Above Ground Pools?
A: Not Only Are They Extremely Efficient & Robust Offering Excellent Heat Gain, They Also Allow You, Using The 3-Way Valve That Is Included, To Adjust Or Divert Flow, Giving You Maximum Free Heat Gain And Reducing Heat Loss On Days When The Sun Is Not Shining. This Is Unlike Other Similar Above Ground Pool Solar Heaters

Q: How Many H2oFun Pool Solar Heaters Will I Need For My Pool?
A: We Recommend One Solar Heater Per 4,000 Litres Of Water. Just Add More To Reach The Number Required For Your Pool Size.

Q: How Long Will H2oFun Solar Heaters For Above Ground Pools Last?
A: As They Manufactured To Such High Levels They Will Last For Many Years, But Each Pod Has a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Q: Can I Call And Discuss My Solar Needs With You?
A: With 20 Years Experience Offering Solar Heating For Swimming Pools, We Will Be More Than Happy To Help You Pick The Best Options That Best Suit Your Needs. Just Call 01322 554 870 And Speak To One Of Our Highly Experienced Team

Q: How Warm Will My Pool Get?
A: This Is A Question That Is almost Impossible To Answer, As Sun Strength, Wind Along With Other Weather Factors Will Make Every Pool Different. But In An Ideal Setting Each H2ofun Solar Heater For Above Ground Pools Will Add 1 Degree Celsius Per Hour To Your Pool

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