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FlowVis Digital Flow Meter Attach To New Or Existing FlowVis Meters h2ofun

FlowVis Digital Flow Meter Attach To New Or Existing FlowVis Meters

£155.70 (Was £1,434.00 )

  • FlowVis Flow Digital Flow Meter Attaches To All Existing Or New FlowVis Meters
  • Ability To Interface With Heaters, Dosing Systems & Other Equipment
  • 98% And Above Accuracy
  • Ability To Set Flow Rate Alarms
  • Offers Remote Indication Of Flow


FlowVis Digital is the latest and most significant upgrade to date to the renowned FlowVis family.

By adding Digital functionality to the already unrivaled accuracy and flexibility of FlowVis flow meters, users will now experience even greater functionality, ease of use, and precision. Unique features such as Pool Turnover Rate and an ability to set flow rate alarms, will further enhance the industry’s most respected flow meter.

FlowVis Digital employs a patented electronic design to accurately measure the flow rate. A remote digital display, housed in a NEMA 4X corrosion proof enclosure, displays the flow rate in both a numeric value as well as in a bar-graph format. Even with the ability to install FlowVis in tight spaces and with almost zero straight pipe requirements, it can sometimes be difficult to install the device in a location that makes it easy to read.

FlowVis Digital solves this problem by allowing you to install a Digital readout in a user accessible location. In addition to greater installation flexibility, the Digital upgrade will also eliminate the possibility of experiencing a parallax error issue when reading the standard FlowVis. Note: Parallax error can be caused by not looking at the FlowVis scale squarely – akin to a passenger in a car looking at the speedometer and seeing a different reading to the driver. Additional details relating to this, can be found in the FlowVis Operating Manual.

Using the ‘Advanced Setup’ features, FlowVis Digital can be interfaced with other systems such as heaters, chemical feeders and UV units, so that they will only operate above a user-defined flow rate.

When using this option, it will be necessary to include the Auxiliary Interface Unit with your purchase. FlowVis Digital also includes a 4-20 mA output that can be interfaced to Variable Frequency Drives, such as H2flow’s Eco-Flow in order to achieve constant flow control

F.A.Q: All the answers you need to make an informed decision

Q: What Size FlowVis Flow Meter Will I Need?
A: Your Pipework Will Have The Diameter Measurement Printed On It Somewhere, But If You Cannot Find It Just Gives Us A Call.

Q: Can I Install A FlowVis Flow Meter Vertically?
A: Yes. They Can Be Installed Vertically, Horizontally Even Upside Down.

Q: What Sizes Does The FlowVis Flow Meter Come In?
A: FlowVis Flow Meters Are Available In 1.5", 2", 3", 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm & 200mm. Just Search FlowVis In The Search Bar For The Full Range.


Click To View FlowVis Digital Manual

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