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Blue Lagoon Tech UV-C Steriliser - H2oFun.co.uk

Blue Lagoon Tech UV-C Steriliser

CODE: 35779

  • Provides fresh, clean and clear water
  • Efficiently and safely disinfects water
  • Keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control
  • Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to 80%
  • Prevents chlorine smell and irritation of skin and eyes (red eyes)
  • Better for the environment than traditional methods
  • Up to 35% more UV-C produced by reflection
  • 316L stainless-steel housing
  • With special Blue Lagoon Tech lamp
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance
  • 2-year warranty on production defects
  • Earthed

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The Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech, UV-C works by using radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm which is generated by the special lamp, which then produces bactericidal action. The Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech turns your water crystal clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Your pool water is fed through the UV-C machine using a pool pump. The UV-C radiation neutralises any bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms in your pool water, killing them which prevents them from reproducing. The stainless-steel interior reflects the UV-C radiation, which increases the UV-C sterilisers efficiency up to 35%. With the Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech your water will be safely disinfected, providing you with fresh, quality water. The Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech also has a special T5 UV-C lamp with a unique lamp base.


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