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Swimming Pool Heat Pump FAQs

The most Frequently Asked Questions by our customers before they buy a swimming pool heat pump from us, all in one easy to find location.

Understandably we get asked this a lot. The simple answer is "Quite slowly but very cheaply". Swimming Pool Heat pumps transfer heat from the ambient air into the pool using a compressor, refrigerant gas and a fan, the same technology in an Air-Con unit or a 'fridge, but this cheap way of heating the pool takes longer than a Gas heater. From cold. at the start of the season, a correctly sized heat pump should take 2 - 3 days to heat your swimming pool up to desired temperature. The upside of this is that the heating costs are 80% less than if you were using a standard electric heater. 

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps have three options, On/Off, Step Inverter and Full Inverter. In all three options the operating principle is similar, in the fact they all transfer heat from the air to warm water in your pool. Every swimming pool heat pump use the same four major components:

a. Evaporator
b. Compressor
c. Heat Exchanger
d. Fan
The main difference between On/Off and Inverter heat pumps is how the Compressor works. In an On/Off heat pump the compressor always runs at 100% power input. An Inverter Heat Pump allows a speed variation based on the ambient air temperature and the desired water temperature. This adjustment allows Inverter heat pumps to adjust compressor speed, thus improve C.O.P. 
The difference between Step Inverter and Full Inverter heat pumps is that Full Inverter technology also has the ability to adjust fan speed, once again improving C.O.P. and making Full Inverter Heat Pumps much quieter than the other two options.

On/Off Heat Pumps - Compressor & Fan always running at 100%

Step Inverter Heat Pumps - Compressor Speed adjustable but not Fan speed.

Full Inverter Heat Pumps - Compressor & Fan Speed are both adjustable.

Full Inverter Heat Pumps are cheaper and quieter to run 

It is essential to use a good quality solar cover when using a heat pump to heat your swimming pool.

Using a Swimming Pool Heat Pump to heat your pool is a bit like cooking with the oven on "Low". It is much cheaper but it takes longer. Not having a good quality solar cover on the pool is a bit like leaving the oven door open when cooking. Without a solar cover the heat going into your pool will be lost through evaporation and convection, taking up to 4-5 times longer to heat your pool.

A good quality solar cover is essential because:-

  • It can add heat into the pool on its own
  • It reduces heat loss through water evaporation
  • It insulates your pool and dramatically reduces heat loss from convection
  • It speeds up the heating time for your pool
  • It cuts pool chemical usage
  • It lowers your heating bill

Using a solar cover during the night is equally as important, as air temperatures drop the warmer pool water will quickly lose its heat to the colder air, much quicker than during the day.

In fact, it is best to keep your solar cover on the pool whenever the pool is not being used.

If you need a good quality solar cover or a reel system visit our Solar Covers & Accessories  page

Outside. Swimming pool heat pumps use the external ambient air temperature to transfer heat into your pool water, so need to be outdoors, with plenty of room around them to draw and expel air. They will even work effectively in the rain.

When you winterise the pool it is best to cover the heat pump to protect the evaporator from the weather.


This all depends on the air temperature and how warm you want your pool. In our experience, if you size your heat pump correctly and use a good quality solar cover, this can be between 0-4 hours per day on a sunny day to 5-8 hours on a colder, wet day.
The factors that will affect this are:
  • The time of year, outside air temperature and wind. On a hot, sunny Summer day the heat pump may be needed for between 0-4 hours per day, but as the Seasons get colder and wetter the heat pump may need to run between 5-8 hours.  
  • Desired water temperature. The warmer the water needs to be the longer the heat pump will run. 
  • Using a good quality solar cover can reduce the running time by 2-3 hours per day
  • The more power output your heat pump has the less it needs to run. Size your heat pump correctly and reduce the running time.
  • Is your pool insulated? Most older pools are not, but indoor pools built after 2010 should reach Part L standard. The better your pool is insulated will mean less hours running your heat pump.
  • Siting the heat pump correctly and adjusting the By-Pass so the heat pump can work most efficiently.

We only advertise the Brands that we have checked and can honestly advise you to buy. Unlike other companies who list every Heat Pump available, we will only recommend the most reliable and efficient that we have checked and approved. If we have to recommend one Brand it will be a Norsup Full Inverter Heat Pump. They are "head and shoulders"  above any other heat pump in the UK, both in quality and value for money. The Norsup Full Inverter Heat Pumps have a 10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty and a 4 Year Parts & Labour Warranty. They are not advertised online, as they are only available through our Retail Dealership, but call us on 01322 554 870 and we can advise where to buy yours from.



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