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How Best To Insulate My Swimming Pool

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Alveolen Swimming Pool Insulation, New for 2024

With energy costs so high, it is important to insure you retain as much heat as possible in your swimming pool. Using the most cost effective inverter pool heaters makes heating the pool cheaper than ever before but retaining that heat has always been a problem. Good solar covers help, especially the Geo Bubble range of 500 micron covers, Sol Guard and Midas. 

Although heat loss is generated by heat rising, you can lose a significant amount of heat through the floor and walls of a pool. This year we have introduced a new product that will reduce heat loss and provide significant savings over the lifetime of your pool liner. 

Alveolen Foam insulation comes in rolls of 75cm2 and 100cm2. This swimming pool insulation have a high insulation value whilst being very easy to install when replacing your liner. The Alveolen Swimming Pool Insulation Rolls 12mm thickness along with the 60/80kPA compression strength means that you will have soft-feel floors and walls on your pool, reducing risk of injury as well as that luxurious feel, unlike other pools you have swum in. 

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