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Thermecro Spa & Swimming Pool Solar Heating Kit Best Pool Solar Heating COMPLETE KIT H2OFUN

Thermecro Spa & Swimming Pool Solar Heating Kit Best Pool Solar Heating


  • Thermecro Swimming Pool & Spa Solar Heating Kit - 92% Solar Efficient
  • The Solar Heater To Choose If You Are Serious About Cutting Your Bills
  • Thermecro 16, 32 & 48 Tube Kits Include Tube Array, Leg Stands, Digital Solar Controller & Solar Pool Interface Valve
  • Generates far more hot water per m² than any other solar heating system
  • Ideal Pool Solar Heater For UK. Works even in the low ambient temperatures
  • Compact design in comparison to all other solar heating systems
  • Perfectly insulated so delivers warm water to the pool or spa with zero losses
  • Significantly reduces your energy consumption


Thermecro is the most efficient Pool & Spa solar heating system available in the UK. It converts 92% of solar rays that hits it into thermal energy, whether direct, diffused through cloud, or reflected from walls and floors, which in turn heats your pool & spa water without any additional cost.

It has been designed to keep a warm swimming pool or spa at your desired temperature, rather than using your primary heating source, whether a heat pump, electric heater or heat exchanger.

When used as the secondary heating supply the Thermecro Solar Heater is the most cost-effective solution to maintaining the desired temperature of any small to medium sized pool or spa.

Use your electric heater, heat pump, or heat exchanger to initially heat the water to the desired temperature, Thermecro will then activate, continuously maintaining the temperature by compensating for heat loss in the pool.

Thermecro is chlorine, bromine, sea and salt chlorinated water compatible.

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DELIVERY: We aim to send Thermecro 16 Tube Swimming Pool Solar Heaters within 3-5 days. Stock items are normally sent same day, and delivery made between 2-3 days


Thermecro Swimming Pool Solar Heaters 16 Tube are produced to order and as such is classed as a special order and cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect 

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