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Pentair Intelliflo Swimming Pool Pumps - H2oFun.co.uk

Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pumps

CODE: 35985

    • Intelliflo VS2-HR1 - PAC-100-0353 Measured in speed RPM's
    • Intelliflo SW5P6R VS-HR1 - For Salt water pools measured in RPM's
    • Lower Speeds = Less Noise
    • Variable Speeds - 0.5HP up to 3HP (400 - 3450RPM)
    • Reduced energy consumption of up to 90%
    • Easy to Program and Operate
    • Energy saving, lower electricity bill and fast payback (1-3 years)
    • Shorter filter back washes = Less Money Spent On Heating Fresh Water
    • Longer Pump life expectancy - More Savings

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The Pentair Intelliflo achieves the best standard possible for a Swimming Pool Pump. It monitors, controls and adjusts continuously to a huge range of demands and changing pool conditions. The Intelliflo is a hi-tech variable speed pump which varies the electrical supply dependant on the pressure and flow of the water.

Pentair have added built-in features to protect the Intelliflo from prime flow impedance, over heating, freezing and under or over voltage. Pentair Intelliflo is an Eco Efficent pump that will slash you electricity bills by 30 - 90%. Manufactured to be multi-purpose it can be used on several applications, the first being pool filtration, another being used to boost power for cleaning as well as creating water features or waterfalls in the pool and also reducing the maintenance cost of your swimming pool.

Apart from pools the Intelliflo can be used in any water feature function, perfect for fountains or large water areas, it is ideal for any Commercial or semi-commercial application. Paying for itself in less than two years with reduced running costs it should be first choice for any hotel, leisure centre or Council.

The other advantage to the Pentair Intelliflo is the noise level. It is so quiet it can go vertually unnoticed when operating, as quiet as a human whisper. In modern plant rooms this may soon be a neccessity as legislation continuosly changes to protect the welfare of employees. certikin aquaspeed pump

With a permanent magnet motor and a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design, which has no moving parts rubbing against each other, it is the quietest pump on the planet ever made. At normal working speeds you you can hardly hear it's running and it produces far less heat and vibration than the standard self priming induction copper wound motor pumps. The result of this is less strain & wear on the working components. The intelliflo pumps have settings to prevent damage by adjusting its voltage variations as well as reducing its speed to prevent motor over heating. The result of this is a hugely longer life and even more return on the initial investment.  

The Intelliflo will allow you to add new features and equipment without changing or adding a new pump. A solar heating system or water feature can be added or changing your filter size by to setting the optimum speed to operate at the lowest energy use. Your savings will continue to be maintained even as your swimming pool system changes

The Pentair Intelliflo pump should be the fitted into every commercial application as the cost savings will soon show a full return on investment. Between 6 and 18 months is the norm.

If you are looking for a new pump for your Leisure Centre, Hotel, Commercial Pool or any water feature please contact us to discuss which model is best suited







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