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Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Heat Pumps + WiFi - All Year Round - H2oFun.co.uk

Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Heat Pumps + WiFi - All Year Round

£2,450.00 (Was £3,995.00 )

  • Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Inverter Heat Pumps - 6 Times Quieter
  • Unique Booster Function Offers 120% Turbo Heating
  • Heating & Cooling - Ideal For Holiday Homes
  • Complete Variable Speed - Not Stepped - With Built In WIFI
  • Inverter Technology Reduces Running Costs - COP upto 15.5
  • Works Even When Air Is -7°C & Heats Water Up To 40°C
  • Vertical Waste Fan - In Stock For Same Day Shipping
  • Mitsubishi Inverter Compressor & Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 7 Year Compressor & Heat Exchanger Warranty and 2 Year Parts Warranty

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garden pac inverter vertical swimming pool heat pump price match beat promise guarantee h2ofunGarden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo are the newest idea for Swimming Pool Heating. Offering a "Turbo Boost" mode, the heat pump will function at 120% of standard capacity for quick heating when it is needed most. This is possible only down to the Vertical Invertech Turbo's larger compressor and evaporator. Along with this it is also one of the most silent Heat Pumps available. 2021 models now come with built in WIFI. These Inverter Heat Pumps are 7 times quieter than standard heat pumps offering higher COP of over 15 and they can even work down to -7 degrees C and heat water up to 40°C. The Vertical Invertech Turbo Heat Pump is ideal for installation in a Holiday Home Or Holiday Let

hydropro swimming pool hot tub spa dehumidifier air heater price match beat promise guarantee h2ofunIf you would like to ask us to price match a competitor, please click the Price Match image to send us the request.

Along with the ability to both Heat & Cool the swimming pool a built in WiFi allows "Real-Time" monitoring and simple control of the Vertical Invertech Turbo heat pump, where ever you are in the World.

The Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Heat Pump will give both quiet running and as near an all year heating as possible in one very competitively price heat pump. Even if you do not need pool heating when the air temperature is -7°C, having the capability to run with an effective COP at lower temperatures guarantees that the Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Heat Pump will allow you to heat an outdoor pool at the beginning and end of the season.

Packed full of the highest spec components, with a Mitsubishi DC Inverter and oversized evaporators and compressors the Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Swimming Pool Pumps have taken the next step in Swimming Pool Heating.

Switching, intelligently, between the different speeds and heating modes according to the heating requirement of the pool and the ambient air temperature, you are guaranteed the lowest running costs possible. 

The Garden Pac Invertech Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are powered by Twin-Rotary Mitsubishi DC Inverter Compressors. Based on the "Twin Mechanism" principle, two rotors operate together to balance the torque to stop most of the shaking created by normal compressors. This results in the highest efficiency, very low vibration and ultimately extremely quiet operation.

The Garden Pac Vertical Invertech Turbo Heat Pumps come with Digital controls for easy operation and accurate pool temperature setting, a Titanium Heat Exchanger to protect against Chlorine or Salt in the pool water, a "Soft Start" on all Models which reduces the power required when turning the units on and a 7 Year Compressor & Heat Exchanger warranty, which is unmatched elsewhere.

The Garden Pac Range of Inverter Heat Pumps are suitable for domestic swimming pools from 35m3 up to 95m3 pools.

If you would like help choosing the correct sized heat pump please call us on 01322 554 870

Below are details of the outputs at different air temperatures. Desired water temperature is assumed to be 26°C


Heating Capacity At Air 26°C

Heat In Booster Mode Air 26°C

Max Pool Size (m3)

Power Output At Air 15°C

Heat In Booster Mode Air 15°C

13.3kw GHD-150-0300



35-65 m3


17kw GHD-150-0301



40-75 m3



21.9kw GHD-150-0302



50-95 m3



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