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Fix-a-Leak Swimming Pool Repair Leak Sealer 32oz - H2oFun.co.uk

Fix-a-Leak Swimming Pool Repair Leak Sealer 32oz

CODE: 35815

  • Swimming Pool Repair - FIX-A-Leak 32 oz bottle
  • Quick, Cost Effective Way To Stop Swimming Pool Leaks
  • Fix-A-Leak Will Stop Leaks In Pipework & Shell Wall.
  • Fix-A-Leak will seal holes 1/8" in diameter and will form a permanent seal.

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Fix A Leek is the best swimming pool repair product available. If you are losing water in Your Swimming Pool but not sure where, Fix a Leak can prevent a frustrating, time consuming and expensive process which may require excavation to find a potentially small leak. Fix-A-Leak is one of the most trusted products available and is used by pool professionals in making permanent repairs without any significant costs FIX-A-LEAK is a blended concentrated liquid product that has been designed to seal leaks in virtually any material and is a favourite pool engineers products in resolving potentially expensive repairs. Fix a Leak is used to fix leaks in the shell and/or plumbing and will seal holes 1/8" in diameter. Once sealed the bond is permanent.

Fix a Leak is imported from the USA so the measurements on the bottle are based on quarts. To convert to litres x by 1.1326. 1 x 32oz bottle will treat 17,500 litres of water. Do not use in excess of 1 quart per 5,000 gallons of water.

* Shake Well Before Using*
1. Bypass FILTER MEDIA before adding FIX-A-LEAK to water. Sand filters: Set multiport valve to recirculate.
2. With the filter pump running, add FIX-A-LEAK slowly through skimmer or in front of any other suction intake.
3. After adding FIX-A-LEAK adjust suction to the main drain. If this is not possible, the vacuum cleaner could be used alternatively, simply by placing the vacuum in deepest part of pool and connect to normal vacuum connection. Set filter valve to normal vacuum position.
4. FIX-A-LEAK is very heavy liquid and will sink to the lowest point rather quickly. It must be stirred back into suspension, either manually or by using a pool cleaner every 4-6 hrs. during circulation of water.
5. Continue to recirculate water until the leak has stopped.
6. To check if the Fix A Leak has found the leak and sealed you should mark the water level and check over the next few days to determine if the leak has stopped.
7. If you are happy that the water level is stable and the leak fixed you will need to wait 1 to 2 days in order to cure properly. After this time you can switch back to normal filtration.
Sand Filters: Set multiport valve to filter. Backwash out unused FIX-A-LEAK .
8. Suction Line Leaks - In most cases suction lines only leak water when the filter pump is shut off.

Normal Circulation will simply draw FIX-A-LEAK away from the leak and if the pump is shut off the material will simply not get to the leak. You must reverse the flow of water, to force the material through the leak under pressure. Preferably 5-10 psi. until the leak has stopped. When this has been achieved, gradually increase pressure to 15-25 psi. to insure a proper seal.

VERY IMPORTANT: After sealing a suction leak "it" is a must to leave suction off the repaired line for no less than 48 hrs. FIX-A-LEAK requires time to cure and harden.

Miscellaneous Leaks:
If you suspect a leak around fittings inside the pool (such as return fittings) lights, skimmer(s) or steps, etc. Shut down pump.
Apply FIX-A-LEAK directly to the leak using a squeeze bottle, similar to a ketchup bottle.
Allow a minimum of 48 hrs. to cure before starting up circulation.

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