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Athena GF Solar Heating Domes For Swimming Pools - H2oFun.co.uk

Athena GF Solar Heating Domes For Swimming Pools

CODE: GF80005488

  • Easy To Install
  • 7,000 litres Heating Capacity
  • Great For Intex Pools
  • Free Heat When The Sun's Out
  • Made In Italy
  • In Stock For Immediate Delivery


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The Athena Large Solar Swimming Pool Heating Domes are designed to heat 7,500 litres of water. Adding additional Athena Solar Heating Domes will allow you to heat a pool up to 30,000 litres.

One Athena Solar Dome will heat up to nearly twice as much as a single Solar Pod

Athena Solar Sun pods measure 58cm diameter and hold a massive 8 litres of water in the heating tubes.

So Effective You Only Need ONE Athena Sun Dome To Heat A 12ft Pool !!!! 

Do Athena Large Solar Heating Domes Work? - YES Exceptionally Well - A correctly sized Athena GF Dome Swimming Pool Solar Heating system can raise pool temperatures by up to 6C. Allowing your pool to be used for hours per day rather than just minutes. As with all solar heating systems you should only circulate water through the Athena Solar Domes when the sun is shining. When the weather is rainy or cloudy turn thr pump off supplying the Athena Dome pool solar (and you probably won't be swimming during these times either), but your Athena Solar Domes Solar Heater will start heating your pool as soon as the sun starts shining again. 

Can I Use Athena Sun Domes To Heat My Intex, Bestway Or OBlue Pool? - YES

The Athena GF Solar Sun Dome solar swimming pool heaters only need a minimum flow rate of 2,000 litres per hour making them ideal for the Summer type pools. The Solar Sune Dome swimming pool solar heaters will warm the pool water so the kids can use the pool more often and for longer.

Can I Add More Athena Solar Sun Domes If I Have A Bigger Pool? - YES

The Athena GF Solar Sun Domes are designed to easily fit together to allow you to heat the largest Above Ground Pools. Heating your pool for free has just got easier. each Solar Sun Dome measures 58cm diameter and holds internally 8 litres of water.

Do The Athena Large Solar Domes Need A Special Pump? - NO

If your swimming pool pump is in good working condition, there shouldn't be any problem using your existing pump as long as it pumps between 2000 litres to 10,000 litres per hour.

Where Can I Put The Athena Solar Domes?

Install the Athena Sun Domes as near to the swimming pool as possible and where you get at least 6 hours of full sun during the day. The longer the Athena Sun Domes are in full sun, the greater the heat gain will be. Athena Swimming Pool Solar Heater Domes can be placed on the ground, or if your pump is large enough on a roof or an a frame. If you are mounting the Athena Solar Domes on an angle, such as a roof or frame, the panels should face due south.

Will I need anything additional to install the Athena Domes?

Each Athena Swimming Pool Solar Heating Dome comes with hose to connect it next to a flexible hose style pump

If you want them further away you will need to order the correct amount of 1 1/2" flexible hose for the plumbing, going to and from your pool equipment.

You may also need Rigid Pipe, PVC primer, glue, and fittings if you have a Rigid Pipe connection on your pool already. All available from H2oFun.


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