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OC-1 Swimming Pool Filter Media - Sand & Glass Alternative - H2oFun.co.uk

OC-1 Swimming Pool Filter Media - Sand & Glass Alternative


  • OC-1 Filter Media
  • 20 X the capacity of debris capture compared to sand or glass
  • Lightweight and very effective
  • Add 5kg bag of OC-3 Media for Top Mounted Filters
  • For use with pool pumps running at a lower speed
  • Encourages energy savings of up to 80%
  • Pool pump inverter is essential


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OC-1 filter media is a new and innovative alternative to sand or glass media. OC-1 media captures 20 times more dirt and debris than traditional filter media such as glass or sand. It is also lightweight, meaning it is easy to use.

When filling a top mounted swimming pool filter please add one 5kg bag of OC-3 Media which will sit on the top of the OC-1 and prevent it being lost during backwash. 5kg of OC-3 media is required whichever size of filter you have

OC-1 completely changes the way you should filter your pool. It allows you to filter with a constant flow, regardless of how much debris is collected and significantly reduce the running costs whilst still filtering to the equivalent standard, just by using a smaller pump or a variable speed pump or controller.

As OC-1 filter media is light weight and efficient, it is essential that you run your pool pump at a lower rpm using a swimming pool pump inverter or by using a small pool pump. Running your pump at a lower rpm will not make your filter less effective as the OC-1 media is designed to capture more debris and dirt compared to sand or glass media, meaning you get more effective filtration running on a lower pump speed than you would with a traditional filter pump set up & speed. This means you achieve better filtration at a lower rpm which results in energy saving costs.

OC-1 filter media must be used with a pool inverter which will allow users to control their pumps speed.


Benefits of using OC-1 filter media:  

- More capacity for debris means better filtration 

- Lightweight media

- Easy to maintain

- Reduced need to backwash & makes for a more efficient backwash

- For use with lower pump RPM meaning less noise & less energy needed

- Less energy = saves you money

- Recyclable at the end of product life

- Suitable for all pool installations

OC-1 can now be used with top mounted filters, just add 1 x OC-3 floating media with the normal amount of OC-1

The diffuser is needed on all new and existing filters - please advise which filter you have when you buy the diffuser and we will make sure we include the correct diffuser


Video demo:



How much OC-1 filter media do you need?:

Filter type Litres of media
16" to 18" 50 liters OC-1 Media
19" to 20" 70 liters OC-1 Media
24" 96 liters OC-1 Media
30" 150 liters OC-1 Media


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