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MultiFunctional Shock Treatment - Shock, Algicide & Clarifier - H2oFun.co.uk

MultiFunctional Shock Treatment - Shock, Algicide & Clarifier


  •     Calcium Hypochlorite Shock, Clarifier & Algaecide 3-in-1  Pool Shock
  •     Easy to use with immediate effect on bacteria
  •     Simple to measure dosing
  •     In Stock For Immediate Delivery
  •     BPR Approved Manufacturer - Guarantees Highest Quality

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H2oFun's Multi-Functional Shock Chlorine is a fast acting, powerful, swimming pool shock treatment with the addition of a water clarifier. Formulated to destroy Algae and restore swimming pool water clarity it should be used once a fortnight or more frequently during hot weather or when the pool is used more often


300g of Multi-Function Chlorine Shock will treat a 10ft x 20ft swimming pool, containing 20,000 litres (4,500 gallons) or if Algae is present in the swimming pool it is suggested to double the dose. To close your swimming pool for winter we would recommend using it the day before adding any algaecide.

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