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MAAX Spa Model 780 - H2oFun Ltd

MAAX Spa Model 780


  • MAAX Spa Model 780

  • The California Cooperage MAAX spa model 780 is one on the largest in its range, this particular model offers seating for seven adults and that includes a two high performance lounge’s. Also comes equipped with a whopping 80 adjustable stainless steel jets for a full body massage in a professional zone therapy session.

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The MAAX Spa Model 780 is one of the largest in its range (233 x 233cm, 89cm high), and is equipped with everything you possible need for a hot tub/spa. The MAAX Spa 780 is a careful blend of spacious seating and a professional specialized hydrotherapy spa. There is seating for 7 adults in a variety of jet positioning to meet the different needs of each individual bather. The 780 incorporates two Zone Therapy seats, dual Shitatsu seats and a side by side conversation area for loved ones to enjoy

Why MAAX Spa? The MAAX spas have a number of advantages such as it was created with a team of doctors and physiotherapists to ensure the massages were is the right places and were done with the correct posture in place. Designed with people with arthritis, sports injuries in mind, to ensure a good and professional massage like no other hot tub on the market today! This was done by pin pointing areas on the body in six zones (Zone Therapy).

Zone 1 (SUBOCCIPITAL) – This is generally the neck and shoulder muscles, and triggers points such as were the neck meets the back which are a common cause for headaches. It does this with its very unique Comfort Collar which gently cradles your head while targeting this area. The Comfort Collar is exclusive to the MAAX spa only!

Zone 2 (TRAPEZIUS) – This is in the general area around the shoulder blades and upper back, an array of jets target these sensitive areas providing an improvement in blood circulation and gently dissolve away the feeling of tension

Zone 3 (PARASPINAL) -The two large muscles that run down both sides of the spine which can be linked to many medical conditions, an effective combination of jets provides soothing stimulation for an incredibly body relaxation and calmness.

Zone 4 (LUMBOSACRAL) – Lower back pain is something that most of us will experience in life; back pain is linked to excess tension in the muscle trigger points. The swirling motions in the jets here are specifically designed to provide and invigorating massage to loosen your knot and bring back a relaxing and tension free relief

Zone 5 (GLUTEAL) – Just everyday sitting down can cause muscle tension in the hips and upper thighs, zone 5 massage can relief you from all those aches and pains with is carefully positioned jets at the sides of your seat. This will bring you a long lasting massage to dissolve tension in the muscles.

Zone 6 (Foot Relief) – The feet are very important any massage as the many feet nerves are connected to all parts of your. Sore and tired feet can effect how we feel all over; the very unique design foot relief massage is one of a kind in hot tubs. Its targets the upper and lower part of the foot with an invigorating streams of water that provide relaxation throughout the body.

With all six zones now completed you have now experienced a one of a kind hot tub experience which actually massages the whole body! What else is left? Well the high end MAAX spas comes complete with a Sony stereo including AM/FM, CD, MP3 plug and two speaker so you can enjoy your unique experience with your own personalised harmony’s in the background. Which is all the more relaxing with its underwater and exterior LED lighting to set the mood and could be a main focal point in any household?

- 80 stainless steel jets, including neck and shoulder jets
- Love Seat
- Shiatsu Seat
- Full Body Massage in sitting position
- Ergonomically designed lounger
- Zone Therapy
- Thermo-Lock V Insulation
- Spa Monitor
- Foot Relief Zone
- Thermo-Lock V Insulation
- Sturdy Steel Body Structure
- ABS Sealed Base
- DuraMAAX Cabinet
- Exterior Perimeter LED Lighting
- Underwater Colour LED Light
- Illuminated Waterfall Feature
- Turbo Air Injection  
- Chromatherapy
- Ozone ready
- Deluxe Heat Retention Cover
- Sony Stereo with MP3 Connectivity
- Comfort Collar


Technical: 3 pumps (1 two-speed pump, 2 single speed pump with turbo air booster and a  3kW heater)
Connection: 230V 1PH-N-PE


Suitable for 7 adults
Dimensions: 233cm x 233cm, 89cm high
Volume: 1514 litres


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