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MAAX Spa Model 461 - H2oFun Ltd

MAAX Spa Model 461


  • MAAX Spa Model 461

  • The MAAX Spa 461 is 10cm taller then the 351 model for a full body emersion and has comfortable seating. Each seat is designed to provide full body immersion and proper posture, in harmony with the jets supplied for a luxurious and comfortable massage. Very Powerful 2 pumps with variable speed turbo air blower, and still runs quietly with all this power. Easy to use with its auxiliary 2-button controller which couldn’t be any more user friendly for first time users.

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The MAAX Spa Model 461 is the most popular MAAX spa in the UK as it has a little bit of everything that MAAX spa has to offers for a reasonable price. The 461 model has the unique BlueMAAX installation which means its keeps heat in more then the old traditional hot tubs making running cost to the up lowest possible. In the event your MAAX spa needed servicing, this is no longer a problem with the blueMAAX insulation as this comes out with ease and can be placed back in within second unlike the old style foam filled hot tubs.

Why MAAX Spa? The MAAX spas have a number of advantages such as:

Zone Therapy – The Zone Therapy concept has been designed by medical specialist in the fields of physical rehabilitation and message therapy. Whether it be the stresses of everyday life activity’s, healing a sports injury, rejuvenating aches and stiff muscles due the arthritis. Zonal therapy by the experts can help you feel young again

Comfort Collar – This unique attached cushion wraps around the shape of your neck and gentle cradling you head while you adjust the cyclone jets to massage your neck and shoulder muscles. The Comfort collar also gives you a relaxing massage above the water line to ensure no muscle has gone unnoticed

Comfort – Comfortable seating was top priority in the design of every MAAX spa hot tub. With a wide range of seating available, you’ll find the perfect model to fit your shape and size. The MAAX Spa are very quiet running making your spa time a pleasant one at all times

Quite Operation – Thermo-Lock used keeps everything inside traps heat and sound, which traps and deadened the noise inside the spa by the thermal barriers. Quite running is essential to ensure your spa time is peaceful and relaxing experience throughout the entire garden environment

Purity – The MAAX spa have a very unique filter cycle which has proven to be very effective and results in crystal clear water every time, this is done by simply adding a top filter and enhancing suction point to foot well area also not just skimmer point the traditional style.

Thermo Lock – Thermo-Lock is the ultimate in heat saving energy management for your hot tub/spa. The very unique thermal barrier technology recycles radiant heat energy for a faster, more efficient heating and energy cost reduction. This is done by using reflective insulation for all radiant heat generated, so nothing is wasted. And is sealed with the ABS base which also lined with reflective material combined with the blueMAAX to create an infrared thermal barrier

Sturdy Structure – The old traditional structures of hot tubs were a wooden frame and foam filled inside, times have moved on so much since them days. We now have a steel frame with is 40%, yet 250% stronger than the traditional wood frames. It’s also weatherproof, corrosion free and maintenance free!

The MAAX Spa 461 is very modern and stylish looking and comes complete with a made to measure insulation hard top cover for maximum heat retention and prevent water evaporation.

MAAX Spa Model 461 Comes Complete with the following


- 38 stainless steel jets, including neck and shoulder jets
- Ergonomically designed lounger
- Zone Therapy
- Foot Relief Zone
- Thermo-Lock V Insulation
- Sturdy Steel Body Structure
- ABS Sealed Base
- DuraMAAX Cabinet
- Ozone ready
- Deluxe Heat Retention Cover
- Underwater Coloured LED Spa Light
- Chromatherapy
- Comfort Collar
- Auxiliary 2-Button Controller


Technical: 2 Pumps (two-speed pump, 1 single speed)
Turbo-Boost air blower
3kW heater


Connection: 230V 1PH-N-PE


Suitable for 4 adults
Dimensions: 198cm x 198cm, 89cm high
Volume: 1136 litres




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