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hth brome bromine tablets 20g 5kg tub for swimming pools or spas h2ofun

HTH Brome - 20g Bromine Tablets - 5kg - For Pools & Spas

CODE: 34792

    • HTH Brome 20g Bromine Tablets For Pools or Hot Tub Spas
    • Rebranded From Fi Clor Bromine Tablets 
    • Bromine tablets For Use In Brominator Or Floating Dispensor
    • Kills Bacteria, Viruses And Algae
    • Effective Even In High pH and Hot Water 
    • For Use In Pools Or Hot Tub Spas

    DELIVERY: HTH Brome Bromine Tablets are sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

    RETURNS: HTH Brome Bromine Tablets can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


    HTH Brome Bromine Tablets are to be used either in a floating dispenser or Bromine Feeder. The active ingredient, 1-bromo 3-chloro 5.5 Demethyl Hydantoin will produce Hypobromous Acid which will sanitise the hot tub or pool even when the pH level is high or the wtaer is hot. Something Chlorine des not do, as effectively. When testing for Bromine in your pool or spa use a tester that will show Total Bromine

    Instructions To Correct Low Total Bromine Levels in Swimming Pools or Hot Tub Spas using HTH Brome 20g Bromine Tablets

    Test your pool water for Total Bromine, if lower than 2ppm increase it to the desired levels which are between 2-5ppm

    Add the desired number of HTH Brome Bromine tablets to the Bromine Feeder, following the manufacturer's instructions and adjust the automatic controller or flow to achieve the correct Total Bromine levels. If using a Floating Dispenser start with two or three tablets and adjust accordingly.

    Check the Total Bromine levels regularly and aim for a reading of 4-5ppm to ensure the water is clean and safe.

    HTH Brome 20g Bromine Tablets MSDS  - Click For PDF

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