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Certikin Top Mount Filter with OC-1 Swimming Pool Filter Media


  • Certikin Top Mount Filter with OC-1 Filter Media
  • Certikin Top Mount Filter
  • Multi Port Valve and Pressure Gauge
  • OC-1 has 20 X the capacity of debris capture compared to sand or glass
  • Lightweight and very effective
  • Encourages energy savings of up to 80%


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Certikin Top Mount Filter complete with OC-1 filter media. OC-1 is an innovative alternative to sand or glass media. OC-1 media captures 20 times more dirt and debris than traditional filter media such as glass or sand. It is also lightweight, meaning it is easy to use.

Certikin Top Mount Filter is a quality filter recommended as the best filter to use with OC-1 media. The filter comes complete with multiport valve and pressure gauge. The Certikin Top Mount Filter comes in four sizes. 20" to 36". Flow rate on the filter's is a s follows

Certikin Top Mount Filter 20" 9m3/h

Certikin Top Mount Filter 24" 14m3/h

Certikin Top Mount Filter 30" 21m3/h

Certikin Top Mount Filter 36" 32m3/h


OC-1 completely changes the way you should filter your pool. It allows you to filter with a constant flow, regardless of how much debris is collected and significantly reduce the running costs whilst still filtering to the equivalent standard, just by using a smaller pump or a variable speed pump or controller.

As OC-1 filter media is light weight and efficient, it is essential that you run your pool pump at a lower rpm using a swimming pool pump inverter or by using a small pool pump. Running your pump at a lower rpm will not make your filter less effective as the OC-1 media is designed to capture more debris and dirt compared to sand or glass media, meaning you get more effective filtration running on a lower pump speed than you would with a traditional filter pump set up & speed. This means you achieve better filtration at a lower rpm which results in energy saving costs.

Reduces pool running costs

As recommended by Certikin we only sell OC-1 with a Certikin Side Mount or Top Mount Filter. OC-1 can reduce energy usage and water consumption. Its open cell formation makes it possible to achieve a greater flow of water through the filter. In many cases this means that pump speeds can be reduced by around 20%, without compromising the original flow, producing impressive energy savings. Alternatively, on new installations a smaller pump can be specified to produce the same flow – saving running costs and initial outlay. Due to its constant flow rate and huge debris capacity, OC-1 can reduce backwashing frequency and water consumption.


Benefits of using OC-1 filter media:  

- More capacity for debris means better filtration 

- Lightweight media

- Easy to maintain

- Reduced need to backwash & makes for a more efficient backwash

- For use with lower pump RPM meaning less noise & less energy needed

- Less energy = saves you money

- Recyclable at the end of product life

- Suitable for all pool installations



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