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2Kg Floating Winter Pool Chemical For Above Ground Pools - H2oFun.co.uk

2Kg Floating Pool Chemical For Above Ground Pools


  • Swimming Pool Winter Chemical Dosing Buoy
  • Large 2Kg Chlorine, clarifier and algicide tablets in a pre-filled "buoy"
  • Contains Champion Branded Multifunctional Trichlor tablets
  • Sanatiser, Algicide and Clarifier Flocculant
  • Simple to use, no need for chemical handing
  • Tablets dissolve over 4 - 6 week period
  • Perfect to use in the Summer in Your pool
  • 1 Buoy per 50,000 Litres (12,00 gallons)

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RETURNS: 2Kg Floating Multi Function Pool Small Buoy Chemical Dispenser can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


2Kg Floating Multi Function Pool Buoy Chemical Dispenser

is an ideal way to keep your swimming pool water clear during the winter. It is essential that you test your water with test strips to ensure that the pH is balanced, add shock chlorine as required, wait 24 hours then add the winter algicide. The 2Kg Floating Winter Pool Chemical Buoy can now be added as an insurance that your pool water will stay clear over the Winter period.

The Pool Chemical Doser is suitable for most pools up to 50m3

You can control the amount of chlorine going into the water and make the floating buoy last all winter by dividing your pool volume by 4 and using this calculation to cut off the required number of nodes on the side.

If you have any questions regarding you to use the 2Kg Pool Floating Multi Fuctioning Small Buoy please call or email us.

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