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Fi-Clor Multifunctional Algaecide - Long Life Summer Algicide - 3 Litres - H2oFun.co.uk

Fi-Clor Multifunctional Algaecide - Long Life Summer Algicide - 3 Litres

CODE: 35116

This Product is no longer available and has been replaced / renamed under the HTH brand -
The replacement name is  HTH Super Kleral Multifunctional Algaecide - Non-Copper Polyquat - 3 Litres and is available on this website
  • Fi-Clor Non-Copper Multi-Functional Algaecide
  • 1.5 Litres Treats A 50,000 Ltr / 11,000 Gallon Pool
  • Prevents Algae Growth & Kills Existing Algae
  • Anti Stain & Anti Scale Formula 
  • Copper Free - No Green Hair
  • 5 Actions In One

DELIVERY: Fi Clor Multifunctional Algicide is sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: Fi Clor Multifunctional Algicide can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


Fi-Clor Mult-Functional Algaecide is a 5-in-1 Algicide treatment and can be used as a Summerlong Algaecide or a Winterlong Algicide. This is a Non-Copper Algicide used to prevent or Kill Algae.

If you have Algae in your pool, first shock the pool with Fi-Clor Superfast Shock to raise the chlorine level to between 5 & 10ppm. After 24 hours you can then add Fi-Clor Multi-Functional Algicide, please refer to the information on the container for full instructions on how much you should use. 

As an example the dose rate of Fi-Clor Multi-Functional Algicide is 1.5 Litres Per 50m3. Filtration must be running to clear Algae

Use Fi-Clor Multi-Functional Non-Copper Algicide to Winterising Your Swimming Pool, same process ie Shock your swimming pool to a level of 5ppm with Fi-Clor Superfast Shock Chlorine. After 24 Hours add Fi-Clor Multi-Functional algaecide. Again please always refer to container for full instructions

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